We have a 2 node RAC cluster on HP-UX environment. Scenario what we are trying to achieve is to change the public and virtual interface ip addresses in the cluster.

Our Cluster has been successfully configure with the below IP’s

OLD Public IP

Node 1 --
Node 2 --

OLD Virtual IP

Node 1 --
Node 2 --

Private IP

Node 1 --
Node 2 --

As per the lab requirement we need to change the ip address of public and virtual interfaces.
** We are not going to change the Private interface.
Check the cluster status on all the nodes

#crsctl status crs
#crsctl query css votedisk

IP List for Public/Virtual Interfaces -- Public -- Virtual

Stop the database

srvctl stop database -d TEST

Stop the Node services on each node

srvctl stop nodeapps -n test1
srvctl stop nodeapps -n test2

Check the cluster status

#crs_stat -t
Name           Type           Target    State     Host
ora....B1.inst application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora....B2.inst application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora....STDB.db application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora....SM1.asm application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora....01.lsnr application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora.db01.gsd application     OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora.db01.ons application     OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora.db01.vip application     OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora....SM2.asm application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora....02.lsnr application   OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora.db02.gsd application     OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora.db02.ons application     OFFLINE    OFFLINE    
ora.db02.vip application     OFFLINE    OFFLINE

As root user execute

#oifcfg getif
lan0  global  public

Modify the Public IP

#oifcfg setif -global lan0/
#oifcfg getif
lan0  global  public

Modify the VIP

#srvctl modify nodeapps -n db01 -A
#srvctl modify nodeapps -n db02 -A

Verify the configuration

srvctl config nodeapps -n db01 -a
VIP exists.: /db01-vip.oasiserp.com/
srvctl config nodeapps -n db02 -a
VIP exists.: /db02-vip.oasiserp.com/

Restart the cluster services

#crsctl stop crs
#crsctl start crs
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