1) Create a custom form
Since we did not create any form we used a copy of an existing form to test the scenario

$cd $AU_TOP
$cp -r FNDSCAUS.fmb XXTEST.fmb<span id="more-84"></span>

2) Compile the form using frmcmp_batch utility

frmcmp_batch module=&lt;FULL_PATH_TO_FORM.FMB&gt; output_file=&lt;FULL_PATH_TO_FORM.FMX&gt;
userid=apps/xxx module_type=forms

A Form will be generated without any erros in the specified output_file location.
3) Regsiter the form with Application Object Library
Login into Oracle Application and navigate to Application Developer responsibility.

Open the function : FORM
Add a new entry
Application : Custom application
User Form Name : xxtest user form
Description : XXTEST USER FORM

4) Register the Function and attach a form to it

Navigate to Application : Function
Description : XXTESTFUNC
User Function Name : XXTEST USERFUNC
Go to Properties tab in the same form
Type : Form
Maintenance Mode Support : None
Context Dependent : Responsibility
Go to Forms tab in the same form
Form : XXTEST User form
Application : Custom application

5) Create a menu and add this function

Application --  Menu
Menu : Custom Menu
User Menu Name : User Custom Menu
Menu Type : Standard
Description :
Add new entry
Seq : 1
Prompt : user menu
Submenu :

6) Create a new responsibility and this menu to it

Resp: System administrator
Navigate : Security:responsibility:define
Resp Name : Custom user resp
Application : Custom Application
Data Group : Standard
Menu : User custom menu

7) Attach a responsibility to the user

Navigate :Security:user:define

8) Login as user to check the responsibility and your newly added form.

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