Reference Metalink ID : 466752.1

FNDREVIVER or REVIVER.SH is a program used to reconnect the forms/internal concurrent manager.

Situations where will reconnect

1) Momentary disconnection of forms

2) Momentary disconnection of ICM (Concurrent Manager)

3) If the failure is due to a brief network outage, or database issue, the managers are restarted, so the client does not have to restart the managers manually.

4) When ICM can no longer get a database connection, it kills itself and spawns the reviver. Reviver loops every 30 seconds, attempting to login to the database as apps user. Once login is successful, it starts
up the ICM again.

Features :

1) Runs in the background

2) n a Real Applications Cluster (RAC) environment, when the primary node goes down and ICM is set to migrate to the secondary node, the reviver parameter will be passed to the secondary node.

3) Starts when ICM starts

4) <cp_reviver oa_var=”s_cp_reviver”>enabled</cp_reviver> — Value in CONTEXT file

5) On a single node concurrent processing system, FNDREVIVER is the only way to recover from a database connection loss.



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